Aloof AND Hot?

First off, really “hot” women – the 9’s and 10’s of the world – are almost always the most insecure.

A lot of times their beauty is the number one thing they have going for them. There’s a ton of intelligent, talented, beautiful women, too…but in general take it to the bank: The prettier they are, the more insecure they are.

Really pretty women are used to people telling them how pretty they are. The compliments are like a drug – and women are compliment junkies.

If for some reason a day goes by when the hot girl doesn’t get complimented, something in her world is amiss. Just like if a day goes by in the life of any kind of junkie without their “fix” – shit gets fucked up for them.

And whoever it is we’re talking about, what do they do? They work their ass off to get that fix.

Women work hard to look good – not just for us, but for the world. God bless ‘em. This is part of the reason why they dress up all the time. You think heels are comfortable and practical? Hell no – they suffer through the pain because every woman looks a little taller, a littler sleeker, a little sexier in a pair of heels.

The other part of the reason they dress up and parade around is the insecurity factor I was talking about. The more compliments and attention they get, the more they want. So they put the goods on display. To garner the attention. To get more and more compliments.

And have you ever noticed if you walk up to a very pretty woman who is dressed to the nines and tell her how great she looks that she pretty much just blows you off?

Really pretty women are used to people telling them how pretty they are

And why not?

You just gave her what she needed and was after, and she doesn’t need you anymore. In fact, she’s pretty sure every guy she bumps into will drool over himself telling her how pretty she is.

She sure of this because, unfortunately, that’s what just about every guy does. It confirms her reality – that she is “hot” and in control of men.

And women secretly don’t want to be in control. They want a man to take control for them. And that’s another discussion for another day – something you’ve probably already learned in my book “The Dating Attitude”. There’s a great section on Compliments in there, too. Read that if you haven’t already.

As to their aloofness – let’s tackle why this is.

First – there’s a shit-ton of Famous Attraction Gurus out there who tell a guy that eye contact is the green light to approach.

And with some of the gurus sales in the 20 to 30 million range, you can see how women would pick up on this – that is, they are afraid to look anybody in the eye because everytime they do every Tom, Dick and Harry come over and start trying to pick them up.

Now, in general – it’s very important for you to make and keep eye contact with a woman you are approaching. This doesn’t necessarily mean stare at her from across the room and hope she notices you. And if the woman is avoiding eye contact with men in general, it makes it that much harder anyway.

You need to make and keep eye contact when you walk up and open her. Again, another discussion for another day as to why that’s key. The key today is why she’s so aloof and not acting like she wants to be hit on – EVEN THOUGH she’s all tarted up, as you state in your question.

You have to realize that really pretty women are very used to being hit on by average guys all the time. And every woman has some built-in defenses and rating system to size you up quickly.

Since women don’t want a weak-minded man or a wussbag, they instinctively come up with these systems to weed out the douche bags so only the real men get through.

Since you’ve read my book – you know that as a Man, it’s your job to approach. Period.

She knows this too.

By making it just a bit harder – by being aloof – she has already started the elimination process and is weeding out the guys who are a bit afraid to approach, or who listen to the F.A.G.s and wait for some sort of green light.

As you know – there’s always the definite possibility that any given woman on any given day is simply unavailable, for any variety of reasons.

This could – from time to time – explain her aloofness.

And how do you know if she’s unavailable? Simple.

You approach and find out.

Chances are she IS available – hence the sexy outfits – and to put yourself instantly into a much more attractive category with her, just approach her and start a conversation.

A lot of those gurus will tell you it’s really important what you talk about, that they have secret techniques that will trick her into falling for you, and all manor of shit to memorize and have you acting unnatural.

The truth is – I think a lot of men feel better having a routine memorized so then they go approach. But in reality, it’s the fact that they had the balls to go talk to miss super hottie in the first place that intrigues her – not any routine.

And the problem is – you show your confidence by walking up to her and going after what you want (which will spark interest in an available woman) but then you get bogged down in thinking about all the steps and lines and levels and methods you’re supposedly supposed to be using instead of just being natural and confident.

It may result in a phone number for you – but then you’ll eventually have to call her, and then go out with her. And does that mean you have to buy and learn a whole other set of routines for “date game” and “day game” and “get her home” and on and on…?

If you believe the gurus, then yes.

But like I said – and like I teach – pickup lines and methods are temporary, but a mindset and attitude is forever. What you learn from me you will take with you the rest of your life.

So know this: Really hot women are insecure. The live for compliments. Don’t give her any. Stand out a little bit. When they appear aloof they are trying to eliminate the parade of douche bags who approach them daily. Man up and go get her attention if she isn’t putting out some signal that she wants it.

In fact – the biggest signal is that she is putting it on display and acting aloof – it means she wants a real man to approach her.

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