Celebrity Dating Expert Maya has created a unique blend of practical and effective attraction techniques that she has developed while working with over thousands of single clients over the past ten years.

Some men and women need a little extra help and attention when it comes to dating – be it that “one girl/guy,” a specific problem or just individualized personal “humps” you need to get over. Maya can teach any person the techniques and mindset Alphas use everyday to not only get the dating life they want – but the partners they want, too.

According to Maya, dating success in life requires implementation of a step-by-step action plan. Her overall dating and life strategy is a collection of easy-to-digest, self-propelling steps that anyone can master.

The basic strategy devised by Maya is to learn and then act on it. First, she works with clients to determine their goals and desires. Second, she helps the clients to develop a plan to achieve the success that they have always wanted — it is all about actions and executing the coaching.

All coaching is conducted via Skype by video conference or phone call.