Lesbian Sex Toys that are awesome

toys for lesbiansWhen it comes to intimate time with your partner, there’s nothing more important than the two of you. It’s important to feel connected, to trust, and to feel free to explore and experience amazing sensations.

Sometimes, however, your sex life could use a little spark. If you want to heat things up and give yourself a new jolt of electricity in your love life, why not introduce a few toys?

Toys aren’t made to be a replacement to your partner. And if you are feeling insecure, remember that toys aren’t there to replace you. Instead, they are meant to motivate, excite and take some pressure off so that both of you can thoroughly enjoy a new and very sexy experience.

Not all toys are the same, obviously. But there are general categories from which you can choose. Learn a little about them so that you can decide what’s the best route for you and your partner.


When you think of sex toys, vibrators are probably the first thing that come to mind. They are the ultimate sex toy. They come in all kinds of types and they aren’t made just for solo play! You can get all kinds of fun interaction when using one or two vibrators as you and your partner get it on.

Butt Plugs

It’s not just dudes who are into anal play. Women are too. That’s because there are nerve endings that go from your clitoris all the way back to your anus and they like the attention as well! You can get butt plus in various sizes from small to large, so don’t be afraid to try this form of play! Just make sure they always have a handle so that they don’t get sucked in…that can’t be fun.

Strap Ons

Not every lesbian couple is into strap ons. Just like with anything else, some like to use them and others simply don’t. If you or your partner enjoy penetration, then a strap on is a great way to get what you want.

For the strap on you need both the harness and the dildo. And there are many choices for both.


You can choose from leather to cloth to straps or no straps. Leather harnesses normally adjust with buckles and will mold to your body. Cloth ones are soft and usually have Velcro. There are also some that are just like underwear and you can simply attach the dildo to it and when you’re done, you can simply throw it in with the rest of your laundry.


There are dildos galore out there and many choices to make. Obviously, one of the first choices is about size. Do you want small, medium or large with that? You can choose shape and style as well. Some dildos are made to look just like the real thing: a penis complete with veins, balls and all. Other dildos, however, are as far from realistic looking as can be, with different colors and shapes.

Finally, choosing the material is important as well. For strap ons, silicone dildos are a must. However, if you are using a dildo with your hands, you can get some really interesting sensations by using a glass or stainless steel one.


There’s nothing better when it comes to sex than having a lot of wetness. Whether you are playing with other toys or not. If you have no toys, silicone based lube is great, because it lasts a long time. For toys, however, stick to water based lube so that they don’t get damaged and clean-up will be much easier.

Obviously, all of the toys above are great for lesbian couples, but they really are great for anyone who likes sex. So, go have some fun!

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