Male obsession with penis enlargement

Are you dissatisfied with the current size of your virile member? Many men resort to exercises, techniques and treatments for penis enlargement.

The visibility of the penis makes sexual learning for men faster than women, in the sense that they practice masturbation and know their own physiology much earlier.

penis enlargement obsession

However, one of the fundamental pillars in a sexual encounter is to get each other excited. In these cases, women tend to have a slower response, requiring men to keep their limbs erect throughout the process in order to live up to and maintain that level of arousal in sexual intercourse, sometimes generating a series of insecurities and fears in men.

The obsession with male reproductive tract measurements has led to what is known as “dressing syndrome,” whereby men underestimate the size of their organ, thinking it is smaller than it really is. This paranoia reaches such a point that 90% of patients who ask for penile enlargement do not really need it.

In this way, while men are more concerned about their length, women give more prominence or importance to thickness, since the larger their diameter is, the member will fill the vaginal walls better and, therefore, the pleasure will be greater.

Sixty percent of the men who underwent surgery to enlarge their penis in the United States had a normal-sized limb, but wanted it to be larger than 14 or 15 centimeters. Experts do not hesitate to say that many times the problem is in the man’s head and not so much in the length of his limb. In any case, before going through the operating room, there are a number of exercises and products that can help us achieve this.

How to achieve healthy penis enlargement

One of the best known techniques is the O, which involves the use of the thumb and index finger to form this letter (similar to when you make the OK signal with your fingers). The thumb and forefinger are placed on the sides of the penis, pointing downward, so that it looks like you are preparing to pick up something from the floor with your fingertips. Then, with this same gesture of the fingers, move the hand from the base to the tip.

Another exercise will be to use lubricant and place your hand under the glans and stretch it to the point where you don’t need to feel any pain. Then to relax it, move your penis in circles to relax it.

The moment you begin to feel pain, stop exercising. You must not feel any discomfort at any time. You should rest, pausing for a few seconds between exercise and exercise. Remember that penile muscles, like those of the rest of the body, grow as you rest. Do these exercises four or five times a week, but not every day.

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