A lack of communication can be a good thing.

When we over-inform the women in our lives, we instantly start to diminish all the mystery – and women LOVE mystery. It’s the mystery that hooks her.

And the less she knows, the better.

In fact – she’ll build you and your life up in her mind and imagination to be 100 times more cool and interesting than you could ever be in the first place.

Let’s take texting for example.

You are sitting at home, watching a football game. No plans – just takin’ it easy.

Buzz buzz – she sends you a text.

“Hey, what’s going on? What are you doing?”

Well, if you answer, “Just sitting on the couch” you’ve just blown the mystery.

You could crank up the mystery a bit by answering,

“Busy. Talk later.”

This at least makes you appear to have a life, and it says that you don’t have time for text messages – and suggests that she should actually call you and not bother you with text messages.

A lack of communication can be a good thing.

This isn’t bad.

But you can REALLY crank up the mystery in her mind by not answering at all.

Truth might be you are just ignoring her, or that your phone was turned off, or any number of things.

But that’s not what SHE thinks.

She’ll think a million other things – and most likely think you are out with another woman.

In addition, she’ll probably contact you again soon.

Texting is for girls, gentlemen. This has to be your attitude. It wasn’t more than 10 years ago we didn’t even have this “luxury” of texting one another. People had to pick up the phone and talk.

And before cell phones, you couldn’t reach anybody – ever.

You had to talk in person.

Now, men sit at home and send out little trial balloons to women – text messages that scream:

Please validate me!

Please say something nice!

I have nothing to do!

I have no life!

This is the problem when YOU initiate a text sequence. And think about it – what if she doesn’t respond to you? What if you send,

“Hey, just thinking about you – what’s up?”

And you get back…..nothing.

Yeah. You obsess over her – and whether or not she will text you back, and will it be positive if and when she does? Maybe she didn’t get it – maybe you should send – ack! – another one!

You see how quickly you can go from cool to fool?

My advice – save the texting for vital info. “running late”. “Be there in 10”. “wear a skirt”.

That’s it.

If she persists in texting YOU – some great answers:

“Busy – talk later”
“I’m not your texting bitch!”
And my favorite:

Nothing at all.

Keep the text communication to a minimum. Push and pull – let her text you several times before you give your brief answer. She will try harder to get you to validate her – and she’ll blow up in her mind what a gloriously busy, cool and attractive life you have.

So put the phone down.

And enjoy the game.

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