Power Techniques

I’m just going to cut to the chase today.

Here’s a short list of power techniques.

When she comes to your house, have her take her shoes off, first thing.

“Hey, I only have one rule – shoes off. Other than that…make yourself at home.”

Here’s a short list of power techniques.

This is a great command, and technique. First of all, it’s an instant conditioner for you to “tell” and her to “do”. She’s not going to give you an argument.

Second, she is starting to undress herself for you. At your command. Hey, the shoes gotta come off if the rest is coming off – she’s on her way.

Third, this makes anybody feel more relaxed and at home. Nerves settle immediately, and she’ more comfortable with you.

Here’s another:

If she EVER asks you for anything she can do for you – come up with something. And be specific and detailed.

For example, if she says, “Hey, can I bring anything?” or “Do you want me to pick you up something?”

ALWAYS have something for her to do. Even if you just say, “Yes. Get me a 16oz Pepsi. I like the Pepsi MAX, in the black bottle. Cold.”

Notice the details and specifications. This is a major power move and conditions her to follow your commands – to the T.

Another Fave:
When out and about, put your hand on the small of her back. Guide her – subtly – around.

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