Questions and answers about Homosexuality

I would like to raise a problem that is about my sexuality that is slowly eating away at me. I tell you that although I never had sex with anyone, I am more attracted to men than women, I wish this were not so and for that reason, I ask for your help.

I want to start my sexual life as an average person I am 20 years old, and I still do not encourage anything because I am terrified that my thought is concrete that I am gay. I would like you to answer me if homosexuality has a solution and what I should do because I need to be able to continue my life without this fear. I hope you can help me.

It’s a pity that you have to be going through that anguish at the definition of your sexuality. In principle, I have to tell you that homosexuality is not a disease, so there is no treatment for it. It is very likely that you have fueled this fear by the prejudices that link the idea of being gay with that of not being normal. People have different sexual orientations can be hetero, homo or bi-sexual and none of them is “abnormal.” What would be good is that you consult a psychologist/sexologist / a so that can help you alleviate that feeling generated by the fear of being gay and the information you need to be able to live your sexual orientation without conflict.

my sexuality that is slowly eating away at me

I have a concern about my husband’s insistence on having anal intercourse very often, I have no problem with this because I enjoy it, but I have read that many men who like to do so may have a tendency to become homosexual, and he likes that stimulate the anal area, Is this true and if it is not, why do people think so?

Here we have a clear sample of how ignorance, prejudice and false beliefs about homosexuality can cause people to condition and prevent the healthy enjoyment of the diverse wealth in their experience of sexuality and it is logical, there is a lack of information about it.

Many times anal sexuality is confused with homosexuality. The anal area is an erogenous zone between men and women and therefore can be a generator of sexual pleasure in both sexes. If the male enjoys receiving some anal stimulation, that does not mean that he has homosexual tendencies, they are two different things.

In fact, not all homosexuals enjoy anal sex.

Homosexuality is a variant in sexual orientation that is defined when a person has as the only object of sexual attraction someone of the same sex and not in case he enjoys stimulation in the anal area.

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