Relationship Wants for a Dude

5 Things a Man Wants in a Relationship

#1 To feel like your Superman

Every Clark Kent wants to feel like Superman. Why wouldn’t he? Leap tall buildings in a single bound… Biceps you could take a bite out of…

Truth is, he’s not Superman. Not even close. He’s human. But he wants to feel like he is your personal Superman. So let him feel that way. Ooh and ahh about some stupid shit to make him feel like a Big Cheese. Indulge him a little and he’ll repay you tenfold in the relationship department. Normal guys in relationships want to feel important. Make him feel important.

#2 Acceptance

A man isn’t an expert when it comes to folding laundry, stacking dishes in the dishwasher, or cleaning the toilet. He isn’t grand at event planning or romantic getaways either. Let him be good at the stuff he is good at – changing the oil in your car, shaving his beard, power washing the deck- without expecting him to somehow have the female set of skills too. It’s just not possible. Men are not women, they are men. If you have a man who dips a little toward the feminine skill set, more power to you, but he was probably raised by women, thus the feminine skill set. The majority of men just don’t have it.

Things a Man Wants in a Relationship

#3 Honesty

Give him the God’s Honest Truth. Resist the urge to dress it up. Men are quite concrete, black & white. They don’t understand grey or Technicolor. Spell it out for them and they’ll appreciate you more for it. I used to find myself constantly in the position of restating my wants and needs so that a man could understand them – truth was I was dressing up my language a little too much – much as a woman does for other women. Dumb it down a little. They’ll thank you for it.

#4 Attraction

Get hot, girl! If you’re there already- congrats. If you’re not quite there yet, get with the program. It doesn’t require a lot to attract your typical alpha man. I’ve always said that it’s easier to make an ugly girl hot than it is to make a dumb girl smart. The dumb girl makeover is just about the most difficult thing on earth to accomplish because (alas) there are no such things as brain implants. I can give an ugly girl a nose job and some tits, no problem. I can’t make a stupid girl smart.

#5 Variety

Don’t flip the fuck out when your man wants a little bit of spice in his life. As a woman, you should want some spice to your life so why would you deny that to your man? If we led the same day over and over again a la Groundhog Day, how boring would our lives be? Resist the urge to dumb down your life to the lowest common denominator and instead expand that shit out. Make your life even more expansive and limitless. Go fuck while sky diving (is that even possible? I dunno. Find out). Throw caution to the wind a bit – men live off of adrenaline. See how much fun your life can be while trying to match his pace.

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