Sexual initiation

Sexual initiation – the first time it hurts or is there bleeding?

It will be perfect if you do not think about your first time with fear but with hope.

You must stop being afraid, inform yourself well, today many materials can tell you a lot about this first experience, consult your biology teacher with your doctor or your mom, dad or a trusted family member.

Anyway, I tell you that it does not have to hurt or bleed if everything is done correctly with a lot of love, proper stimulation, and trust with your partner.
The hymen is a finite membrane located at the entrance of your vagina and if it dilates progressively with proper lubrication and excitement, it will surely give way and will not break when the penis enters.

When the time comes, take your time, do not pretend that the first attempt is given penetration first try to know the sensations and achieve a relaxation until the most appropriate time.
I hope you can overcome the fear and have an experience that is an excellent memory for you.

Sexual initiation – the first time it hurts or is there bleeding

When starting sexual life should the gynecologist be consulted?

All women when they start their sex life would drink it. Sometimes it happens that the area is irritated or with small wounds especially if in the first few times there appeared a little anxiety that has not allowed you to relax and be able to let the excitement response facilitate the preparation of the genital area, and being able to achieve a right dilatation and lubrication. These may also have influenced you to reach an orgasm (and not necessarily age) because this implies being able to be relaxed and give yourself to the pleasant experience, without having the distraction of a discomfort or fear of pain.

Surely you will overcome it but I advise you to have good pre-penetration games before penetration, this will increase the excitement, and when the moment of penetration arrives the area will be more prepared.

Why do women bleed during the first sexual intercourse?

The hymen is a membrane that has some beautiful veins that are the ones that cause bleeding.

The first time it may bleed a little, but it does not have to drain anymore later.

The first few times you may feel sensations at the entrance of the vagina like itching, pressure, or some burning due to scarring or dilation to which your body gets used in these first experiences, do not feed the fear, relax and you can use a lubricant to favor the penetration with less friction if you do not have much natural lubrication or if you get nervous and it does not appear.

Try to relax the pelvic area with breathing and muscle-loosening so as not to squeeze and this will generate pain. It is good that you have excellent communication with your partner and that you take the necessary times so that everything is rewarding around the sexual encounter and getting used to the new sensations and experiences.

Something similar happens in men?

In reality, the male does not have anything similar to the hymen in the penis or the foreskin.

It does not break anything or have to bleed in the first sexual relationship or in those that follow.

It strikes me that you have never discovered the glans or the head of the penis, to perform the hygiene of the area.

Then you would have seen that it removed without problems and interference and that there is nothing to “break.”

See if you can discover the glans of the penis by pulling back the foreskin, delicately.

If you can not, it is because you may have a little problem called phimosis, for which you should consult a specialist in urology, who will solve it for you.

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