Substance & Fishnets

If you ever want to rock your partner’s world, quote Shakespeare in fishnets.

The fact that you’re a woman of substance in something so ridiculously stylish will blow his mind.

If you ever want to churn things up in the bedroom, wear a corset and most ridiculous pair of high heeled boots you can find. Something that makes walking across the carpet difficult. Go overboard on the laces.

It’s the inconsistency that will drive him nuts…

Again, a woman of substance wearing such iconic items will make him look like Linda Blair in the Exorcist… His head will spin.

If you want to make getting ready for work fun again get a gorgeous robe made out of something other than terry cloth and prance around in it as you get out the shower. Easy to close when others are around. Open accessibility for that five minute quicky before school/work/house duties.

Why, you may ask?

Because fashion not always rational nor it is comfortable.

Sometimes we forget the beauty of clothing with ridiculous expectations. Clothing that asks something of us or our lower ribs for 10 minutes. It is just 10 minutes, dah-leengs, not forever, as in the 19th century.

wear a corset and most ridiculous pair of high heeled boots you can find


It’s good to be spontaneous when you’re a woman of substance because it looks so darn attractive. Every slut out there can parade around it 24/7 but it doesn’t have quite the same effect on your partner as you do in the same items. You are the love of his life, the woman who makes him crack up every evening over dinner.

Fashion oftentimes evokes a sense of a mysterious stranger coming into your life- especially that of your partner’s.

And yet you’re not a stranger, you’re still funny little you. Wonderful, gorgeous, individual little you.

Howevs, you’re wearing fishnets.

For my feminists out there- it is not the end of the world to let clothes objectify you for an evening. Especially if you know what your assets are.

That old cliché about the trench coat and nothing underneath it? Well it works. Trust me.

And you would be shocked at the results. Not the obvious effects it has on men, dah-leengs, but the effect it has on you.

Part of what makes the pursuit of beauty so addictive is the self stimulating effect. It is addictive in many ways because it turns you on too.

I’d like to encourage you to explore this fact.

How many women engage in rituals in getting ready every day? How many of us stroll up and down the line of clothes in our closet when we know plainly what is there and what isn’t? How many of us wear the ridiculous shoes for our own sake rather than the person sitting next to us?

It feels so good to know one’s own beauty and in knowing it, one’s own power.

Granted, beauty is no longer the only source of female power anymore, but it can give us a leg up in many spheres when we recognize how to harness it for our own good.

We know we feel more confident when we’re rocking a great bra underneath our plain exterior attire.

Or wearing those tight little pants when we go to the gym in the oversized sweatshirt and basic running shoes.

It is a gorgeous thing to experience and something I invite you to do.

What items make you feel sexiest regardless of whether someone is around to benefit?

Rock that shit.

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