The Quit It List

When you write down something, the Universe listens.

It’s a fucking fact, girls. You may not believe me – but you should. Men never get this shit but women know it intuitively…deep in our…souls. Yes, I suppose I’m grossing myself out a bit with this spiritual talk but seriously, girls.

There’s something tremendously powerful in saying, not only out loud, but with paper and pen rubbing up on each other:

“I deserve the hot guy.”

Of equal importance is a business tool I learned during my “MBA coursework” at Scores in NYC – and that is the Quit It List.

The Quit It List refers to all the stupid shit that you used to do but that you have no interest in perpetuating at present or in the future.

The Quit It List targets the areas of your life where you are losing energy.

I deserve the hot guy

And the basic principle here is this: By eliminating stuff you do all the time that isn’t working, you’ll start to be left with stuff that is. Think of it as Michelangelo removing all the bits and chunks of a block of marble that AREN’T the statue…and what’s left is the work of art.

If you are interested in getting and keeping the hot guy interested, that requires a lot of focus and concentration. At least those really hot ones with all of the bedroom steam…

It takes energy. And if you’re seeping energy in mindless activity that has nothing to do with your target then you need to Quit It.

Stick with me. This is all gonna come together…

Case in point: the nice girl with the Volvo in the driveway and beautiful home who’s still not getting’ any.

She starts stopping by the site, listens to and studies the materials and feels invigorated. Maybe she thinks Omigod this chick is onto something! This is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life!

Ms. Vulva (I mean Volvo) starts to integrate the Certified Maya Techniques and becomes blue pill to men. She starts to have her pick of the litter. However, if she doesn’t engineer a Quit It List of all the dumb shit stuff she did to get her to where she used to be (not getting’ any) will engineer the short trip back to the land of Nada.

What’s a good Quit It List for our Average Volvo Owner?

Here goes – if I was this chick, my list would look like this. (and I would WRITE IT DOWN)

• I will no longer be intimidated by muscular, talented, attractive men. I deserve to sleep with a Hot Man every day if I see fit.

• I will become so interested in my own life that I can take it or leave it if Mr. Perfect comes into my life.

• I am categorically OVER spending my evenings alone unless I choose to take a night off from the Ball Parade into my bedroom.

• I will no longer engage in fat activities (watching tv excessively, refraining from working out, eating cheeseburgers and pizza daily, drinking draft beer EVER).

• I will no longer hang out with folks who suck the energy out of me. From this point on I choose to be surrounded by folks who add to my feelings of ease, comfort and personal empowerment.

Then Ms. Volvo owner needs to stick this List up on the inside of her closet door- a place she sees daily as she’s getting ready for work and that is not visible to others to ensure privacy.

She needs to refer to the list daily and as she accomplishes those Quit Its, begin to revise the list into a new version on the mission of evolution into the Ultimate Alpha Female.

Soon her Quit It List will be nonexistent because she is living the life she always wanted to lead without the threat of self sabotage or getting lured into a relationship with a psychopath who he has no interest in anything other than himself.

You see…she starts to eliminate all the dumb shit. Like, making dinner for her mean mother every Friday night who reminds her in gross detail of all her fuck-ups and overly Catholic indoctrination.

In approaching the generation of YOUR Quit It List, resist the urge to get flowery and just get specific. State the fact ( I will no longer be intimidated by Hot Men) and then follow it up with an empowering statement (I deserve to be worshipped by Hot Men every day if I see fit).

And just you watch, girls… Soon you will be a woman of phenomenal proportions—the ultimate Alpha Female—Dr. Fearless, Doctor of Sex Goddessology.

Don’t believe me?

Yeah, I knew it.

First item on your list: Stop doubting the Stripper.

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