The SWOT Analysis

I’d like to share one of the most vital parts of my dating philosophy and that’s something I picked up during my “MBA coursework” at Scores.

Being a lady of the night has its perks, as you know. Lots of ridiculous dudes coming in on a weekly basis who are at the top of their games financially and otherwise. Gives a girl lots of insight as to her craft and the perfection of it within the constructs of the entrepreneurial paradigm.

What am I saying, exactly?

That I learned a shitload from hanging out with old Wall Street gurus. Give ‘em a shot of dick enhancement a la Viagra and they could rock and roll like my favorite, Tommy Lee.

However, that’s a story for another time.

For now I’m going to get all-business on your ass.

I’m going to teach you how to do something that is so vital to your interactions with men that I should be charging for it.

However, I am of the opinion that if I share what I know with you for free, you will, at some point, begin to realize your dreams and ambitions and thank me for it.

So let the adventure commence.

The most vital thing I can teach anyone is how to do an effective SWOT analysis. A SWOT is an examination of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. I want you girls to start looking at yourselves as if you were a listing on the NYSE and marketing yourself as such. In order to do that, your SWOT will reveal what kicks ass out of the box, what is lame at the start, what may be coming down the pike that can enhance your market share and what absolutely, categorically needs to be eliminated in order to provide you with as much tail as possible.

I want you girls to start looking at yourselves

You need to get really effing honest with yourself from the get go. Just to give you a taste of what my reality looked like back in the day (circa 2007), here you go:


  • Charm
  • Grit
  • Undergraduate education
  • Legs
  • Ass


  • Tits (too small)
  • Alcohol and drug dependent (need to go to treatment)
  • Emotionally unstable (need medication and/or therapy)
  • Teeth
  • Low Economics
  • Hair is not fuckable enough- too limp, too short


  • Job at Scores (increased income and connections)
  • The athlete that keeps visiting
  • Mr. 57th Street with the big bucks who is a regular customer


  • My lame ass running buddies from back in the day
  • My shitty apartment in Brooklyn
  • My unending ability to self sabotage
  • My low self esteem

Now what?

The next step is to get systematic about capitalizing on your strengths. My strengths were some of my God-Given physical, intellectual & spiritual (gag) attributes. So I enhanced those even more. I started reading the WSJ every day (enhanced my ability to talk about stocks and the market with my target audience). I started wearing high heels no matter what (made my ass and legs stand out).

Then you go about eliminating your weaknesses. I took a trip to Hazelden to get rid of the alcohol and drug deal and financed it with a regular’s good graces. I got my tits done by the best doc in town (do not go cheap on this ladies, it is a major operation). I started going to therapy. I got my teeth done. I got hair extensions. I figured the low economics thing would take care of itself given my new peer group and sure enough it did.

My opportunities went through the effing roof once I started getting proactive on my weaknesses and strengths. I was clearing 2K per night EASY. My new boy toy was an ex athlete who stuck me on the back of his Harley in NYC. My sugar daddy’s bedroom looked into Carnegie Hall. I was getting the dudes I had wanted all along but lacked the confidence to target. And that’s simply what a good SWOT does- gives you the confidence to go after your target market share.

The threats required systematic attention as well. Should you not eliminate your threats they will come to bite you in the ass once you start getting where you want to be. I had to stop hanging out with my lame ass artistic friends. They were all broke and had poor hygiene so it wasn’t the end of the world. Like attracts like. I had to move to Manhattan and suck up the rent differential. I had to keep going to therapy to discuss my daddy issues which perpetually convinced me to sabotage my most focused efforts.

I’m sharing this wisdom with you because it works. I’m sharing it with you because it will increase your performance.

If you are serious about getting the Man You Deserve then you need to get honest about what you’re putting out there.

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